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Mando Diao's impact on Music Scene! Read what Mikael thinks of them (October 2002)

Boards of Canada's wonderful "Geogaddi" (April 2002) Just click here!!! and step into dark magic!

New Order are back: "Get Ready"! They're gonna steal your heart... Click below on their link

Get Ready is a magic album: read what's needed to be said on it!

Ed Harcourt's
"Here Be Monsters": a stunnning debut
click below...

Ed's Review Pages: read all in the microsite!

Travis: The Invisible Band
Is this really worthing?
Definitely.. MAYBE

Travis' reviews


In the links below you'll find some video excerpts from the Italian MTV site.
I personally almost "worship" the Brand New feature with Max Coppola for its great selection of Alternative videos and from there especially I am aware of what videos are coming to. The Night selection is good as well, while about the usual Playlist.. oh well, there's some shit going there but also mainstream rock which can be really good.

Take a look when you can, and the videos we are gonna speak about here will be certainly showed in one of the three list.

Video Brand New

Video Usual Playlist

Video Night Zone


Oasis are back with swallow pride! Click here for the review of their "Hindu Times"

Jamiroquai's "Little L":
the most disappointing return of the decade?

"In the End" by Linkin Park:
I am not a follower of them and I really despise nu-metal but this raunchy rapping ballad is ace.
It demonstrates that when you are able to make music, soon or later you may get appreciated independently from the kind of it you make, traunching bounderies of a genre for just creating a good song.

Velvet's "BoyBand" single:
A piss-off which shows
more than just humour

click here for Velvet's microsite