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Live Vibes

The live experience is what can make you really fall for a band or an artist: always remember that a musician has to show who he is onstage, otherwise he worths nothing!

Chemical Brothers Tour has stepped in Italy.. read Mister Locke and Zoster's review of their Milan gig!

Chemical Brothers Live in Milan (Apr.2002)!

Oasis Ten Years Gigs for celebrating their career: Read clicking on the link three "Mad 4 It"'s impressions after having attended October 2001 shows in UK, and put the old faith back in them!

Oasis Gigs for 10 Anniversary Reviews

November 2002: Micke experience KENT Live magic and MEET the band!!!! (January 2003 article)

Read in Luc's words the tripping night
he got seeing great Depeche live in Milan
on October the 24th of October 2001.

Depeche Mode Live in Milan Oct. 2001 by Luc

An ultimate experience capable to suggest that U2 are indeed the most solid and vital rockband out there.
And it's 20 years that they are hangin' around, so read what they were able to make in Turin, Italy on July 2001!

U2's Live in Turin July 2001

You gotta make everyone in the crowd understanding that there's a reason you are rich and famous and loved for: and that it's exactly the way you spread the magic around when doing a live performance.
Make them scream, make them sweat, make them wish that they would like to be in your place...
Then make them realize they could never be like you are up there.

friend about live playing