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Unknown Artists But Not For Longtime

Below you can direct yourselves to some of my online friends music.
They have send to me their songs and I've always loved them, so I thought about starting to spread their names: one day they could be famous but what really ccounts for me is that they love music and are able to express their souls thru it.

So... have their names in mind... and enjoy! :)

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Go to More Friends Pics!

Go to The Walrus's Page and download his wonderful song! (April 2002)


click on the pic above
for entering NorthCountryBoy's Land of Music!

Googs Playing

Click above for entering Goog's Land!

Daniel and Band

Click above for entering Daniel's Land!


Click on Al's pic
for knowing more about him!

Tram's Cover (by izzi)

Click above to enter Pete and Tram's Land!


click above and look into
Adriana's mind!

and this is Nectar's site, the band (not unknown at all) of another online super man . Cheers to you Gecko! :)


Click on the pic of Nectar and visit the page dedicated to their magnificent record "Somewhere That Way"

You can order the cd by visiting the site of Nectar we linked at above as well

Do it now!