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The EneMies Of NME Music Magazine

For those who are not blind followers of trend,read this Magazine!
Articles written between 2001 and January 2003

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It's never easy to try to explain what we would like to do with a magazine, it isn't? I was thinkin hard about a sort of "aims declaration" to put here.. then.. Mikael wrote the most beautiful thing ever and I decided to put that here.

It's what his beautiful mind and heart felt listening to Belle and Sebastian's record of 96.. and it explaines perfectly which kind of magic music can produce in soulful ones.

A whisper through the speakers by Mik

1996 and I had realised that I had not many places left to run to.
When you feel bad you try and find places in your mind. Beautiful places where you run to.
Where you hide..where you try and live a life. That doesnīt exist.
And in 1996, 15 years old, I had realised that. The insight that the world isnīt always beautiful
and people arenīt always happy was hard to take.

But I kept building these places in my mind. Blue eyes and images of forests, love, endless roads, just
like in the movies, and understanding going away due to failours.
Thinking that if I went there I would be safe, protected from dissapointments and trashed hopes.

I heard him whisper to me through the speakers. At 22.13 in the night and the girl on the radio, she said
that, 'that what we just heard, was Belle & Sebastian'. The song was called "Fox in the snow" and the man
planting flowers in my protection walls of hard rock steal was Stuart Murdoch.
The radio station gave him 3.56 and in that time I went from self-trashment to a smile.
He told me it was okay to not know. To be ready for the grave whenever anyone laughed at you, but in
the next day just through existing, getting a new dose of happiness when you realise once again that
there is an horizon, three packages of chocolate ice cream with marshmallows in the fridge and something
as grand as Tomorrow.

Everything is not black or white and one thing doesnīt exclude another thing.
Doubts and fear for pain runs away pretty quickly when you have hope.
Dandelions are just ugly if you want them to be so and he reminded me of my dreams.

I got the record by a friend 5 years later and I got a feeling it would float away, slowly and obvious,
if someone would try and so brutaly throw it off a cliff. They, as me, have a knowledge of the
importance to live cos you want to, and not just cos you are born.
The knowledge to laugh cos of nothing else but stand up for the misery, and to dance even faster when
calls and laughs reach you from the corners of the room.

Wounds and tears in the moonlight and the silent belief that somewhere, even with the kids throwing
Lego after you and the friends dissapearing, there is an happy ending.

I wonīt go into songs, or try and tell someone that I have the smallest objective views left.

I will soon be with my love again, and we will drink some juice and run around half naked in the garden
until the neighbours complain. And throughout it Stuart will sing in the background.
About my life.

"Yeah you're worth the trouble and you're worth the pain
And you're worth the worry, I would do the same
If we all went back to another time
I will love you over
I will love you"

The world isnīt always beautiful and people arenīt always happy.
But weīre hoping, and weīre working on it.

Quote of the Period:

"I am not a punk: I have not balls to be a punk.. I write about my fears and like that I can get over them.
I am not a brave one.. but I can make music thanks to it, so in a way, I am grateful to not be as strong as a punk"
Thom Yorke, Radiohead



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Neon flux Velvet by gallimel

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