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Current music Shame

The Nu-Metal long scream:
when will the real musicians stand up again?

You know, lately all around the world nothing seems "hippier" than claiming we are fans of Limp Bitzkit.
Nothing seems cooler than wear a basketball hat, big sized trousers and screaming around over a so-called "music" which to some ears though (like ours here) is nothing but a cacophonic patchwork of frustrating unmelodies.

It's all about taste of course, and I can also agree that the artistic value not always has been expressed thru clear and elegant creations.

Punk was a scream too.. and so sometimes is the Industrial Rock (Nine Inch Nails, anyone?).

But the Nu-Metal is nothing of these other things.
While punk was underlining a widely felt feeling of rebellism against a too much structured society, while its screams were a self proclaim which was reading more or less "Okay; I can't sing nor play, but I have things to say so let me speak" (and this is artistically understandeable) the Nu Metal screams like arrogant kids do when they don't know how to take for them the right side, being in a discussions.

They scream as a substitute to concepts and values.
They scream useless.

There's nothing not even of the majestic force and beauty of Nine Inch Nails and their peers in Nu-Metal world..
There is no real anger, no real deepness, just a way to be fashion and become millionaires selling to loads of corporated sheeps a blur of "attitude".

Bollocks, honestly.
It's that lately all that is not valuable got a overvalue: teen pop, fake idols as Robbie Williams or Ricky Martin, and no one cares anymore at beauty and melody and heart in music.

Now that's a shame.. and when I hear "My Generation" I always think to WHO, cos no other song lately was having a similar title.

No.. I know.. I know what you're ready to say.. But I was speaking about a PROPER song :P

See ya!

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