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U2 Gig in Turin 2001

On 21th of July 2001 a big event, maybe the biggest one in the whole year in Italy takes place in Turin.
The only way to make sparkle the one which is the most horrid town on planet Earth should be a gig from beloved Irish band U2.
Here everyone adores them, and to get at one of their gigs for Italians has always been a mega pleasure.
In this minisite you'll find the views over what has happened there from a privileged sight... MINE :P
Enjoy and click aside in the links :)

Gallimel's House Homepage

EneMies Page in The House

Old TV set; Actual size=180 pixels wide

"In the streets of Genova we don't need any violence,
but we'll always stand up for our rights!"

Bono, 21th of July 2001