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Sahara Hotnights

Sahara Hotnights are four 20 year old women from a little north placed town in Sweden called Robertsfors.
They started playing together when they were really young, due to the lack of other things to do.
Who should play what instrument was a simple decision, except the youngest Johanna. She wanted to play guitar too, but due to that she was youngest she got the bass guitar instead.
But she learnt to play it, just as all the rest of the girls learnt to play and sing.
When they were around 18 they played on a Band contest. The winner would get help in recording a demo and start a base for a musical career. It was all sponsored by the European Union.
Sahara Hotnights won. And it all took off.
The recorded quite swiftly an EP titled Suits Anyone Fine and a single after that.
It didnt become such a massive hit. But they stuck in there. Rehearsing and reharsing. And playing live. They become a big live favourite around Sweden and started to get written about in the press.
And in 1998 they had enough songs to start to think about doing a proper album. Late 1999 they finally released their debut album C'Mon Let's Pretend. It took the country by storm. Getting fantastic reviews from all the music press.
They kept touring and in the summer they got the award for best live band by the biggest swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.
They also played to a full crowd at the Hultsfred Festival. They slowly went away from the spotlight after an amazingly succsessful year. And in the spring of 2001 they released a new single. Followed by their second album.
No one expected them to follow up their debut album with as a strong album, even less a stronger one.
But here it came. Jennie Bomb.
And it was raised to the skies once again.
And currently they are out touring in Europe,preparing for conquer the world.

Jennie Bomb Album - June 2001

On Top Of Your World Single - May 2001
Drive Dead Slow EP - April 2000
Quite A Feeling Single Re-issue - February 2000

C'Mon Let's Pretend Album - October 1999

Drive Dead Slow Single - September 1999
Push On Some More Single - August 1999
Quite A Feeling Single - April 1999
Oh Darling! Single - January 1999
Face Wet Single - September 1998
Nothing Yet Single - July 1998
Suits Anyone Fine EP - May 1997