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Sahara Hotnights

- A Swedish rock band

'People like Britney Spears have good songs, but we feel sorry for them. Britney's like a project, she's ruled by her record company. We make all the decisions about our band, we won't do anything we don't want to do. We write our own music, we always play live, and we're not manufactured; basicly, pop bands are a product. We're a rock band.'
- Johanna -
Sahara Hotnights

I met Sahara Hotnights thanx to the man creating this page dedicated to them, and all that has to be said is that truely, they rock.
If they would have been a male combo, or even just a British one, they would have destroyed all competitors in the pop/rock field, making simply disappear Elastica or
Shed Seven type of bands (which are good, but with defects: and actually all they split up didn't they?)
I absolutely love these girls.
Hearing them live soon is one of my major will in the music world nowadays .
I know I will accomplish that mission and that day I'll be happy.

the band

From left: Johanna Asplund: Bass, Maria Andersson: Vocals and Guitar, Jennie Asplund: Lead Guitar and backing vocals, Josephine Forsman: Drums