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A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular
Blue Wonder Power Milk
The Magnificent Tree

The Belgium combo which made me discover elegance again after Portishead.
Amazing stuff, believe me.

In year 2000 I was given a good musical tip by some person, and I discovered a great new band (new for me, of course.)

The album was called "Blue Wonder Power Milk" and already from the classy artwork you could have expected a mervellous series of songs.
Well.. It was even better than the best expectation.

There a voice soft as a silk tissue was able to move me in every direction, while classy sounds were sparkling around.

This was my meeting with Hoveerphonic and from that day lots has happened: now I have all the three albums and from a couple of months (from Spring 2001) they are really famous and appreciated also in Italy.

I got the immense pleasure also to get in Tenax club and hear them live and well.. it's such a great thing I would push everyone in try to imitate my choice.

In this microsite you'll find the three albums reviews, but for whatever news on them, please click the link to their official site: there's a great Forum as well and when you will see the band's names, well.. they re the TRUE members talking and replying to the fans!! :) amazing, It isn't? :)


Above: Geike Arnaert (vocals)

the other members are:
Raymond Geerts (guitars)
Alex Callier (Keyboards, bass and programming)

"These gigantic waves just take me to an unknown destination under the moonlight,
Feel free to join me on my trip..."
Waves, from TMT