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A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular
Blue Wonder Power Milk
The Magnificent Tree
The Magnificent Tree

Third gem in row: and now they are established also in Italy

For understanding their magic you could just see the wonderful version, so darkish and still poetic, of the amazing Mad About You video: Geike gets in love witha monstrous human-ish plant, and neverthless its horripilantis shape, you can get all poetry and tenderness in the way she sings and act with him.
It's she, her ability of course.. but it's THE SONG.
Pure magic, pure vibes...
This song, and everything HAD to be clear, they got massive also in Italy, and I can assure you it was a great reason of proudness to me...


It's the flavour of the year in Italy, and lots of Countries are discovering Hooverphonic thanx to The Magnificent Tree.. but still their not best work: it's a 4 on 5, just more pop, not worse than BWPM...
It's like a gem whose light you're starting to get used to, that's it.
It still pure light though.

the most pop of their albums....but this is the reason which makes pop listeneable these days.
Dreamy, lush spheres of sound that bounces off the softest part of your soul.
It's a strong album, with masterful arrangements and a tone of jazz which these days seem so hip, but maybe is not that strong as the previous one, a bit flawed.

Their Portishead inspiration here becomes maybe too clear, so sharpen in a way you could ask yourself where have finished the atmosphere so peculiar of Club Montepulciano or Battersea.

Then you realize with this they wanted to become a bit less difficult, or maybe just sing about love.

Cos yeah, this is an album which speaks of lovestories more than anything else, and where the experimental attitude stays in renaissance or in the Title track more than on the singles (the latest one, Out Of Sight, was meant to be actually a soundtrack for the eponymous movie... and it's SO true as line about a lovestory you could think it was written for your life.. :P

I can just say I was listening to this record even when doing spinning this winter, so among lots of other pop tumnes and of course this is different... but it still pop where BWPM and ANSSS were alternative Underground music SIMILAR to pop.

Can you regret something so in this album?
Not to me.
It's maybe a natural evolution for a band trying to share its vision of vibes around.
To not stay forcedly in a tail, to make pop taste evolves a bit for a larger section of people and so welcome to this new "easier" version of them.

Thanks to the ingenious three individuals that make up Hooverphonic, we have been given a superior alterna-pop album by them called The Magnificent Tree. Thankfully this band has the hindsight not simply reproduce ANSSS or BWPM but to continue producing great music that is reflexive of the current time and impending future! I feel fortunate to have discovered ANSSS in 97 and it really played well at that time when trip-hop and its influences was creating some of the freshest sounds out there. BWPM was a great follow-up, actually a stronger album than its debut, but served more as a "coming- down, chilling out" album serving more blips and bleeps than actual substance.

Now we have Hooverphonic's third album TMT showing us the band's true talents and especially the skills in vocals, sly guitars, and arrangements. Comparisons to Portishead have always been weak in purpose and reality if you think just that defines Hooverphonic, this band with this new record has not only earned their place in this mixed-up genre, but have taken the lead.

For those unhappy with TMT, to blind to hear it's superiority due to their constant romantizing of previous albums...WAKE UP!!! If you didn't understand from the first two albums that this is a band who constantly is moving and creating (note: not re-creating) than their music is wasted on you--and you should move on!

But actually, just pick up TMT and enjoy the floading vibe, let Geike fascinates you and don't ask much more: to have a precious little sparkling pop gem these days 's so rare you should be already more than satisfied then .


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