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Biography and Discography
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Travis: The (In)Visible Band
Biography and Discography

what they did so far...

1997: Good Feeling
"a masterpiece of debut: row, and yet classy, it demonstrates how fine a sweet voice can sing rock tunes. Soulful lyrics, refined arrangement, a great feeling to hear it, not simply a good one."

1999: The Man Who
"With the second Travis turned out to be like Radiohead but less cutting edge, like Coldplay but deeper, like themselves without the anger and the rage of the debut.
This album is so sweet it can maybe annoy if you are not in the mood, but you're gonna definitely love it if you can enter in Fran's universe letting him take you thru feelings of love and pain and hope."

2001: The Invisible Band
"It keeps on on the mellowed Road: the songs are not anymore so depressive in the lyrics (not as much at least) but strangely the sound is so more often than in TMW. I can't honestly say if it's possible to love this. I fear you can only -maybe- love a part of it."

Band Members

Fran Healy
Dougie Payne
Neil Primrose
Andy Dunlop