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The EneMies Of NME Music Magazine
Quotes and Facts

  • Oasis release their new single, and are storming back into Uk charts beating off competition from Doves and dance acts, and knockin off from the top "Pop Idol" minor bro Gareth Gates with his Unchained melody after three weeks he was at the top.See the review of The Hindu Times in thereview section after April 23.

Back after a wide break!
Starting from End of April 2002, sorry for the delay ;)

Former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr has spoken about his recent recording sessions with Oasis singer and now songwriter too Liam Gallagher.
Speaking in this morning's London Metro newspaper, he said: "I played with Liam on some songs he'd written last winter. He's got a load of really good tunes. He comes up with the weirdest chords, and just writes from the heart really. "It's not easy being him. I respect him because in his mind he thinks Elvis sold out, Mick Jagger sold out and John Lydon sold out and he's going to be the first person in his position to not do that."
How lovely!

Radiohead have won the prestigious Q Award 2001 for Best Act In The World today beating off competition among others from U2 and Travis.

In the maintime, for the first ever Top Of The Pops Awards, supposed-to-be favourite of everyone Robbie Williams has seen not a single nomination for him in any of the cathegories instituted."It's not our fault" claimed the responsible of TOTP Awards "all nominees and all results are and will be decided upon public's preferences: we have to consider the majority of Williams materials are from past year..."
Or maybe, as I hope, people are realizing how crap artist he is?
Let's cross fingers, there's still hope around!

"When I hear teens screaming that all that counts in music right now is to be able to dance and move like Britney Spears or Geri Halliwell, I realize how wrong the whole scene has ended to be "

Shirley Manson ; Garbage

The new sensation then seems to be the one spread by the American band STROKES, an offspring of John Casablanca's son Julian who after having grown up among stunning models has decided to dedicate his life and his friends' ones to play and delight crowds around.
Their debut album, Is This It?, is currently the writers choice in all music magazines all around the world.
Soon in The Enemies Of Nme we are gonna give you our impression out of it.
Stay Tuned!

Stardusting Soon?

Britney Spears' new single "I am A Slave 4 U" is amazingly failing all around the globe to match the previouses success of the no-teen anymore Lolita of Pop.
After having played with a (fake) innocent image the star has turned out to become a sort of contemporary Salom, but with really poor rewarding.
The song, an average dub tune, is one dimensioned and rhythmless, and the video, supposed to be "hot", is indeed a patchwork of sweating and moaning which results to be as moving as your 60's years old parents makin it again after some months.
There seems to be justice around, if not even the massive advertising and airplay has made things goes right for Britney.
oops.. she didn't it again!

On another side, Michael Jackson's effort to be hip again are as similarly coming to embarassing silence and lack of supports from other big names.
His will to raise founds after 11th September tragedy is seeing a number of people turning down the offer...
Poor Michael, there's no respect anymore for you!
And his single "You Rock My World" is receiving just a lukewarm reaction in terms of sales too.

Try again man!

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