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From Finland there's not just Santa Klaus coming from...
There's also this utterly sharp and smart little man named Pete,leading a combo of great hopes, The Tram.
You could be shocked knowing he's just 15, but there you go!

This is the easiest of the pages to make for me, cos I can directly lead you all to Official Tram's site where you can find all that you need to know about the little band :)

I remember when I got Pete's Demo Cd, with the coolest graphic ever (Go Izzi!!!) and when, opening it, I saw this Red labeled disc, and all internally was looking so professional.

No one, and I mean NO ONE, would have ever thought he was making all this, and so precisely and refined, at just 13...
But this is Pete really, a guy who's way smarter and more skilled than anyone I've met at his same age.

He's a stunning personality too.

The only thing I can complain is that Tram's singer is a pain.. but after all, Embrace have got some success with Danny McNamara behind the mic so there's hope for everyone!

I wish to him all luck really: this world fulfilled of more Petes would be a better place to live in :)

Come and slide into Tram's world and railway to the delight!

Tram's Official Site

Pete's a true lover of music and a very fellow Oasis fan.
He likes all british guitar scene really, pity just that... you know... he considers Knobbie Williams like a DECENT artist.
Argh!!! ;)
Okay, but I can forgive him: after all he's so young!