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Let's call it the road towards fame?

This is the review I will make after a very talented musician for the third time sent to me
a tape of himself, a demo like normally one should say.

The guy has the internet nick of NorthCountryBoy, and since he doesn't like to see his name posted
(his real one I mean) when I will refer to him I am gonna call him ncb or Bono, like people
normally do since his passion for U2 music.

I have to say that from past year in september when I firstly got a demo of him, and this third one,
he has made so many steps forward it's hard to make comparisons; but from the very first
listening to his songs I was sure he was having talent by his side...
Not only he plays guitar like he caresses the instrument, but he has always got this skill to be able
to put words in songs which sound simple, but which can make people relate to them a lot.
And this is the main secret of pop music: what makes him be more than that are the lovely
timeless melodies he put in matching the words.

I won't comment on the instrumentals there on the tape, cos you should just hear them and you'd
fall immediatly in love I can assure you.
There more than anywhere else is ncb as musician.
I just hope one day you'll be all able to hear something of him.
Go Boy!!!!
Meli :)

Anything Anymore instrumental

I am gonna review just this instrumental cos it's important to compare it to what I will say on
the proper song with the same title.

"mellow for afterglow like wakin' up and slowly start to feel one after another all
perceivements able to reach your conscience: then the bass comes, alongside the little sparkling
sounds of more guitars and all gets faster and happier, and you start to will to move out of bed
and get into the embrace of a new day.
A reflection, all again's slow like that thought you fell asleep with which has not yet left you;
but no melancholy more, cos the happy main line of the chorus's gonna save you.
It's all so Beatlish... clear and pure.
Like an unchanging caress which tells you to go on happier than yesterday, cos all's gonna be

Keepin On Take One

The intro goes down in chords like it could be an Oasis song, but here as usual ncb makes
the notes speaks.
It's the first take so I am gonna forgive him for some unsureness in the line of the voice
The lyric are having that great quality I told you before:you get thru it the feeling
that he says better what YOU feel than you could ever did... and the melody's just so
unbelievably catchy!
I particularly love the bridge of it, it's amazingly tinklening and it melts itself with the
voice of him greatly before everything fades within a masterful outro which smells of pure

My Long Lost Friend

So good sung this one!
And the music at first is just a soft carpet for the voice, a whispering bunch of notes before
the chorus starts to make it all more powerful, and as long as you will let the melodies
shake your soul, well, you're gonna love this song so damn much you wouldn't believe.
Soon or later either, you will anyway have in your life the same experience he sings of...
So think of this song and you could get some answers for it too.

Seasons Apart

You'd see hearing this tape that ncb loves to get in trouble for the difficult melodies he
chooses to sing. This one is one of the most difficult and he has learnt to do a great
job on it.
It's one of my favourites, so mellow sweet, and it was made while the songwriter was
living a very tough experience of love and life, while actually he was starting to get over at,and all that he learnt then pushed him in write this basic but deep piece.
Rarely something so short was able to wrap up for me an entire world of feelings,
so I wish to you all to be able one day to sing with him as well this: you would love
the Noelish style in that and the final nenia, so incurably caressing and touching.

Anything Anymore

Here you will find words you maybe didn't expect on the lovely melody you heard as first
effort on the tape, but be sure you're not gonna regret anything.
It's a peculiar skill of good musicians and composers to be able to melt two different
patterns for creating something unexpected but senseful anyway.
And by now, you would already be aware too that our Bono is a true romantic soul... ;)

Flowers Goodbye Take Two

I've always praised a lot this one from even his first tape: I found so stunning the
metaphora there, and you can't stay as before within your spirit after having heard it...
Well, this new version is better even than the second one (already better than the first
as well)
The intro reminds me of a classic 70's Italian song named "Margherita" (Daisy) by Vietnamite
composer Riccardo Cocciante but I am sure none of you and not ncb for sure has heard it.
So I can just say good melodies are into him naturally, there are no other explanations!


Can this one be defined as a "classic"?
Oh yes :) ...
The structure of it, the way he sings it, the words he sings too are all pure pop cliché, but
I ma making a compliment to him saying this.
This is a song with no defects almost, and again he sings it so good, with a balanced mix
between falsetto, whispers and normal male tones which creates such a good groove and pushes
you in want to sing it with him.
"Calico oh-oh..oh.." and it seems like you can immediatly start to rock and roll with our
Bono a bit.
So do it!

Climb The Clouds

More downbeat but you could guess it from the title immediatly; but it still an advice, a tip
for you for stepping into a better future soon.
"Nobody can make you ever come back down.. and nobody can take you ever off your cloud"
So right, as the song over and over suggests to you that you have never to be afraid of
The only little thing I have to say is that somewhere he could sings better, and we know he can
since other songs he perfectly did before this one.
I am sure the next take of this one is gonna be perfect: teh material for a great tune is alredy
there :) And we won't fall no more , won't we?

Far And Beyond

This is one where you feel the summer in. It's the music and the way he mixes the two voices line
which can make you feel hope. The electric guitar bits are enriching the unpretentious and yet
rich melody, and you feel so optimistic with this song you almost miss it's about an ending love,
and you get it's about not being trashed from anything like that, cos what doesn't work can't be fixed...
so let's smile and not cry over it :)

Sweet Ms Cook

Nice title, I was curious to hear it a lot.
The intro like in Talk Tonight shows a "Repeat the wrong take" speaking Bono, before a Dylanish
folk melody made by guitars arrives enrapturing you.
It's a song about normal lovelife, about a feeling of family and warm things which makes a
relationship be worthing,and after all isn't this the will of anyone of us?
The main line of this song remind me of a very famous one I can't name on the moment, but this
doesn't count at all I must say.. It's an adorable song and you would kiss everyone
in the street after having heard it! :)

The Last Ones To Know

When I heard this firstly months ago I was highly impressed from the maturity of it.
There's a great contrast between the meaning of the words, so down, depressed, dark, and the music
there, which is soulful, melancholic but not that much, and the way he sings it, which is totally
sweet and "positive".
The mix created like this is unrationally working a lot, it's a polysemic song this one,
something Beck could have done years ago.
A Bittersweet Candy. Amazing...

Bus Driver
Everyone knows I am totally keen at this one, althought it's just a little trick song, it 's so
shining and happy and unsanely groovy you would take the trip with Ncb any moment for coming
to his fiancée too, and singing all the time, over and over, no matter how many times, the chorus.
Believe me you would :)
The title is a kind homage to Lennon, of course :)
Absolutely delicious stuff.


This one answers you all if you might think ncb is a folk artist and just that.
No: he can creates shaking grooves if he wants so and he can make you dance; this tune proves
that clearly.
I find the bassline with the shuffling drums so cute :)
The man should pass more of his time at Popscene in Sisco, and I am sure half of his production
would come out to be like Jamboree...

The Light That Guides

A love song, a thank you to someone who has brought back life and hope and love in Bono's life
when he was down for some other light faded before it.
A delicate structure and a sugar lyrics which avoid to be soppy.
Here he sings about the faith in the future coming back, and with it he celebrates the power
of a pure affection, capable always to put light back.
To make everyone follows it.
If just you can tell yourself once again "Let's believe and try"...
You know you've felt this, but you wouldn't be able to say it like he did here...:)

The Egg Has Landed

I immediatly loved the title piss off at Knobbie Williams, but the song is a little master one
for way other reasons.
You can sing it perfectly on a summer night over a beach, around some fire and it's so mellowed
there you could also find a summer kiss tasting of salt.
It seems a sort of strange lullaby, and the way notes follows one another is really interesting.
This man gets better everytime he creates something new!

Time To Grow

Classy intro, immediatly toughtful and able to be taken into you for being heavily ponderated.
And we should really rely on this one, and no chance you can dismiss it no way...
It's typical american stuff this one, but not in any bad way: it sounds like Bruce meets Bob
for some little jam.
Nothing stilistically groundbreaking but take this lyric and try to understand the mood:
"And if in your mind seems like there's nothing to believe...
we all need time to grow"
Ehy, that's so true: one of the things growned up awareness gives to anyone is the skill to
understand there's nothing *that* bad in life to let yourself annhilated and hopeless really.
If you feel so, then you need more time for growin up a bit more...

The Last Of Indie Girls

A trunched rythm and again, we guess this may be dedicated to that some special lady of Bono.
But maybe is just a dreamy one, the lady of a future rockstar he whishes to himself, or
just some inspirating chick he has maybe seen onstage...
"And every little word you sing is alright with me..
So fab.. You rock and you roll"
Awwwww :) Cheerful, shining and dance, what would you ask more? maybe just not a so sudden
end, but it still a great one :)

Where The Music Is Alive

A top singing, even more cos it's a very difficult one.
It seems here that lyrism for ncb has got to have the tones of violins (up there he puts his
vocal) so easy bet if he will have the chance of a producer his gems will need a thriade of
violin/viola/cello for glittering all with stars and fairy feelings.
The song's amazing BTW, where he expresses both love for a person and for music in a perfect
This creation comes directly out of a massive talent...

Happy Kid

Are we back to the 70s?
This one's similar to The Last Ones To Know in the patterns, in the unusual way to sing it with
fading-one-in-the-other choruses, like a diluited memory which drags you down somewhere.
It grabs even more your attention too, if it was possible, for the struggling acoustic picking
and the whispered touching voice: but suddenly when you think you're "understandin" it stops,
fading like a morning dream.
Was that the reasons of happiness cannot be fully explained?
Who knows, the point is you have been made a fantastic demo my friend...

So thanx to you, may light of talent and luck forever shine over you :)

The whole tape deserves everyone's praise :)



This is the man who created all the beautiful songs I've told you all about.
Do not mind that "serious" look he has got here, he can be really funny.. but here he had to basically look like Liam and Noel in some GQ's pics ;)


Music is something I feel coming somewhere between the stomach and the heart: It still always amaze me how I am able to create a song

Noel Gallagher