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From a sweet stubborn Canadian guy who has got a bag full of dreams and candies.
And who's got all right and skills to let himself hope about becoming someone soon!

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Googs is the nickname of Paul Anderson, a guy from Calgary, Canada, whom I met online in the famous (for me and my net friends) Golden Board (it's Golden at the moment when I write, it can change colour with the season you know...)
He gave me a Cd of him at the start of the year, and from that and from the lyrics he wrote me I can say that he's got talent, ear for the melody, and lots to say, cos he can feel lots within himself.
He's one of those who, no matter how difficult life can be, still look out for a bright moment, for the bright side, for the bright people.
I can say I quite admire him.
And I am honoured to dedicate this little page to him.
Stay Supersonically cool man !


"There's a reason for a "All time Top 5 desert island
records" list. Take away all my money, take away my
posessions, my friends, job, and even my family. It's
all circumstantial. It may be difficult, but you can
get by without any of it. But the one thing that is
ingrained into every persons life is music. Grab a
pot and bang it with a spoon, guess what, you're
making music. It is one of the most basic forms of
communication. You don't need words to help get the
point across. There is no language barrier. Music is
in your bones from the day you're born, and it only
gets better from there.

On a personal level, music helps me sort my life out.
I've got a million different thoughts going in my head
at once, and sometimes I find it difficult to express
what I may be thinking or feeling. That's where music
comes in. All my favorite bands are able to put words
or sounds or, ideally, words and sounds to my
feelings. It helps me to explore myself and challenge
myself and push myself to new limits. it gives me a
reason to believe that there is more to this life than
just making money. More to it than making a "living".
More to it than owning the biggest house and the
flashiest car. Music makes me believe that I'm here
to make a life.

Take away all my money. Take away my possesions, my
friends, job and even my family. As long as I've got
a pair of headphones and a CD of my favorite band, you
can't crush my spirit.

Maybe I will never be
All the things that I wanna be
Now is not the time to cry
Now's the time to find out why

I think you're the same as me
We see things they'll never see
You and I are gonna live forever"


Paul 2

As I said above, I have got a cd from Paul with "Where are they now" and a cover of Hey, Hey, My My on.
From there I can have a proper judgement also on the way googs sings and plays guitar and all that I can say is that he's got talent.
Especially for playing guitar.
But also for his way to "live" the song, which appears clearly if you listen to his cover.
He made for instance the Noel Gallagher's cover of it just disappear for how greatly better he made it compared to the one of Oasis.
The reason, as I pointed out, stays in the fact googs is able to feel in his bones all that he sings or play, if he decides to do one cover, he tries to transform it in something apt to describe his feelings, his views, his mood.
I would love to add the mp3 of it here somewhere, but I have no tools for it at the current state.
You have two choices: to believe me, or to write me and see if I can send to you a copy of the bootleg: you'll miss the amazing artwork you can see in this page, but you'll please your ears totally :)


Googs Band

Paul is also a very funny man: when he posts in the Golden Board, it's not rare that I start to laugh sitting at my desk and my collegue aside starts to look at me like I am mad or something. But it's impossible to avoid to do it really!
This is an example: Mikael was talkin about getting older and going to Middle Age parties with L/N, and after a little series or replies, googs came and wrote this...

When I'm that age, I'm going to hang out at high school parties and try to pick up all the young girls. They'll all call me "Dirty Old Man Anderson", but still hang out with me cos I'll be cool in their eyes. I'll be like Matthew Maconahey (totally spelled wrong) in Dazed and Confused.
"That's what I like about these high school girls man. I keep getting older, they stay the same age."


By his admission googs really loves The Simpsons.. and in a thread where they where quoted , he came out writing something more about his music replying to Mikael who was asking how many songs he was having so far (those you can see aside.. this is what he wrote, and it explains a bit more about him :

"I actually don't have very many songs in my catalogue (that's a hard word to spell). Songs that I like 4. Songs that I don't like 2. Songs in progress, I think there's about 4 in various stages of completion. Some need only lyrics, some need everything except a cool intro. Where Are They Now is probably the mellowest of the ones I've got. Up In The Sky I've never got a version that I'm happy with, cos the bands that I've played the song to don't understand what I want it to sound like. But that one starts out pretty dark and sinister and gradually gets more upbeat and happy. Imagine Roll It Over becoming Roll With It. And the others are pretty much straight ahead rockers. "



Here below you can read googs lyrics he kindly shared with me.
He's got this amazing skill which can open you an entire world of passion and thoughts about life just by writing simple words down.
For fully understand this, you probably should know him a bit, but if you listen to your hearts, I am sure you'll find some links with what he says anyway.

Where Are They Now

I can't wait forever
But I can wait for now
You got some kind of hold on me
And I'm wondering how

You want to live forever
I want to live for now
I want to make the most of my days
I'm calling out to you now

Where are you I need you with me
Right here by my side
I can't touch you but I can feel you
I'm going mad inside

I don't know where this feeling came from
Off from my blind side
If you can't give me your decision
I'll make up your mind

Where are you I need you with me
Right here by my side
I can't touch you but I can feel you
I'm going mad inside

Untitled #1

The time is now to speak my mind
It's my today but I can't decide
Should I stand up to be someone
Or maybe just sit down

A dreamers dream has come to me
The writings there for all to see
To live my life another way
I'll live my life now, come what may

Believing the crowd will get you nowhere
Faith in yourself is gonna set you free

As I soar on the breeze, I can see the stars
Shining there before me
I've got my destiny
What'd you say? There's no way?
You'll be left in the past pretending like you know me
I've got my destiny

Up In The Sky

She hasn't been round the house for days
They didn't even realise she escaped
She's gone off to a better place
Where she can roam free beyond the gates

They never even noticed she had gone
They never tried to see her, she lived like she was
all alone

She just about turned to run back home
They took no notice she didn't phone
Where she's running she don't know
Just as long as she's on her own

Maybe they'll notice me now that I am gone
Maybe they'll remember my name when friends come round
to call

Holly don't live here anymore
Holly don't live here anymore
Holly don't live here anymore
We haven't seen Holly round for days

Holly's doing fine now in the sun
She took advantage of her run
Now she holds her head up high
Following her dreams up in the sky

They never even noticed she was gone
She's living on her own now she doesn't have to run

Holly don't live there anymore
Holly don't live there anymore
Holly don't live there anymore
They haven't seen Holly around for days

The Hero Of My Own Life

You picked your moment all too well
To hide away from your self
Now all the demons in your mind
Are coming back from out of time

Believing the crowd will get you nowhere
Faith in yourself is gonna set you free

They say losing just a state of mind
You've only lost if you go hide
So don't regret a single day
Live your life now come what may

Believing the crowd will get you nowhere
Faith in yourself is gonna set you free

If life's a game then I'm ahead
With no regrets from where I've been
With all the demons left behind
I've got spirit on my side

Believing the crowd will get you nowhere
Faith in yourself is gonna set you free

If your not living, you're just killing time
If your not living, you're just killing time
If your not living, you're just killing time
I'm the hero of my own life

The Golden Age

I've seen this place before
It's lost all it's allure
I told you for the hundredth time
Everything will work out fine

You may not care no more
But I know this for sure
I won't be coming round for days
No way

So how you feeling now?
Got the sweat off your brow?
Say you've been working hard
Care to play your wild card?

You won't know what to do
When I'm all through with you
You'll think of this as the Golden Age


Bryan, Goog's bandmate and friend, show us what he thinks about the rehearsal with the band..

click here to download goog's "Cupid" track (2,99 MB)

"Cupid" is actually titled "Where Are They Now"

click here to download googs' "TrackTen" (3,37MB)

"Track Ten" is actually a cover of "Hey Hey, My My"

Googs' passion at the moment is Nelly Furtado. Just this for explaining his sick mind about the whole thing.
Days ago he wrote in the board "Nelly Furtado is a comely lass" after having carefully explained the value of this not so much used expression to all of us... Oh, My! :P