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Discography: Maplewood
Here Be Monsters Review
Ed's Links
Ed Harcourt's Review

One of the Finest debut albums ever....

Click on the links at your side and you're gonna get into Ed's magic world...
You will have the review of his debut album, named "Here Be Monsters" (which is all but a monster thing, unless you don't consider the term as "terrific" in a great sense, and then some links to his official page and something about his previous discography, included the mervellous EP Maplewood.

The review of HBM is written all by Mikael: he gave that to me for me to add something, but he wrote the perfection so... read thru him and think those are the words of us two :)

Enjoy and.. BUY ED!!!!! :)

Hands playing guitar; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Ed Harcourt: Vocals, pianos,bender pump organ, acoustic and electric guitars, wurlitzers, vibes,saxophone,harmonica, bass, beatbox, backing vocals, samples, synth, drums, percussion, mud -skipping clown...

WOW!!!! This man is a total orchestra in himself!!!