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Every new album from Tom and Ed is a master work. Their live experience anyway, sometimes it's even better!

I was thinkin no gigs other than rock gigs would have got me heavily in my life: so when Mario (LockeMaster) asked me to get in Milan with him, for watching Chemical Brothers live, I said yes only because he's my best friend, and I would never say no to him.
But we found Stardust in floading there...
Pink Floyd would be proud of Chem's sets, and I honestly say it's like a great rock vibe to enter in the dome all filled with so various people, and enjoy what they are able to create, with music, with images of people, birds, animals and abstract wires and lights, all around them, all around us.
They bang you down and lift you up with all their sounds.. the songs are sometimes so long you don't even reckon they have chnaged them, you just live in them, and when the massive hits come, you almost wouldn't recognize them, they are nothing better than the rest, only maybe more radio friendly.
We didn't find a single bad note on their gig.
It ended, this would be the only one.
The new record, I have listened it thanx again to Mario and it's honestly beautiful but if I am gonna buy their discography (and I will) it's only because they got me so much live.
I was looking out for guitars, I couldn't believe I was fancying an electro band, but they are different  from snobism like Bjork, they are more terrestrial and sharp than Massive Attack... and anyway, at their peak, way more floating than any of them two.
There were people of all ways there: young, and around our age (25/30), all ravishing and happy, all flying, all praising.
They are gonna be at the Heineken Jammin Festival in Imola this Summer: if you are in Italy.. Come With Us, THERE.
Zoster and LockeMaster


The Brothers from Manchester, the Chemical ones, forget about others!

Little piece of advice: look out for Chem's "The Test" Video featuring Richard Ashcroft...BRILLIANT!