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She's the evidence that girls can rock as much as men (if not more...).
And she's as a lovely person as just one in a million exists.

Adriana was loving music from he very beginning: teenager she formed a band called "Chchs" in Mexico City, where she still live.
Fom then, she developed skills in playing bass and an amazing talent in writing lyrics.

I can't really explain why I am sure of her talent.. I just am, so.. read some of her words she put in music and if in some years you'll hear about her somewhere, then you may be surprised.. But I would be not at all.


Garden of Darkness

Welcome to the garden of darkness.
Where your heart goes wild
And your mind in the edge of madness,
This ain to no ride in the park child,
Its the place that grows only sadness.

Where God and Satan shake hands,
Where you can see the fallens stars from heaven,
Where the snake crawls, and the cross stands,
Where hell looks like Eden.

Theres no way back,
I can feel my mind going blank,
In the shadows I see my heart getting sacked,
I drown in the sea where all the souls sank,

Like an evil dream where Im wide awake,
I see the lost should fall into the lake of blindness,
Holding broken promises , when theres nothing left to take,
As they sink into the garden of darkness.

Song 2

To all the people on the streets,
Hope youre all doing fine,
For years I've shaken at someone elses beat,
But now you're all gone shake at mine.

Maybe I wont live forever,
Maybe I'll die broken and out of style,
But right now, as were all together,
Well shake till our heart brake down and die.

Maybe music is dead,
But I've had enough of all the crap youve said,
And just for today,
Well shake till the night takes us away.

Today we dance at the sun,
Today we jump at the stars,
Today we laugh, today we have fun,
And bring excitement to my life and yours.

Song 3
Stormy night, no bird fly,
The night is painted black and red,
In the night my guitar cries,
Cries that rock is dead,

Can't stand it scream,
Guitar, cry no more,
My hopes turn to steam,
And leave my heart sad and torn.

Sitting on an empty park,
I feel your sorrow,
Sitting on the dark,
Knowing there's no tomorrow.

You'll shine again like a big white star,
When you're out of tears,
Away will go your dreams and fears,
So cry no more, my dear guitar.

Adriana's got very heavy passion talkin' about music, you wouldn't expect from such a lovely creature ;)
She really adores for instance Metallica and all music well played, which is basically very near to metal rock often.
I like to imagine her like D'Arcy, the bass player of Smasing Pumpkins...

Song 4

I'm sitting in the darkness,
Waiting for you, my shining star,
How much I need you? Don't even know where to start,
So much that without you I'm totally helpless.

Drowning in shallow seas,
My loving star, where are you?
Sinking slowly in the city streets,
Asking, wondering, shouting to find you .

I'm sitting on a cold , empty mall,
Thinking about your beautiful light,
Dear star, save my dying soul,
Heat it, make it smile again, happy and bright.

You're dying too, I know,
But you're my only hope,
We'll help each other, together we won't die in the snow,
Just hope you're still alive when you get this note.

Song 5

Sometimes life's dull and sad,
Sometimes life's fun and glad,
We'll miss the life we never had,
So tonight we follow a different path.

Stop keeping our heads down,
Stop feeling depressed and lonely,
Have something to live, instead of just lying around?

Sometimes life throws us to a dark hoe
Sometimes we wonder how we got there,
We'll we ever get out of this loneliness and lack of love?
And die screaming for answers that are right over there?

But I've got hopes and dreams,
And a life to live,
I'll take away my pain and grieve,
And tame this raging streem.

I still hope that one day Adriana and her family will come back in Italy as they already did and to get the chance to shake her hand personally.
She's got that something which make me think we could really have a mervellous time together.
Luv dear!